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Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time

and boy am I tired. First, my daughter is a Brownie.

She really wants to sell cookies. Good mother that I am I took the form to work and nagged my co-workers and friends and almost everyone into buying at least one box of cookies. Selling things for your kid is hard, then getting no where is harder. We were hoping to get her Early Achiever pin for selling 150 boxes of cookies by January 27Th.


My daughter took the form to church and begin selling and didn't collect any money. UGH! She's only seven. She forgot. She didn't know Momma wouldn't make it better.

Well grandparents to the rescue! They wrote a check to cover the difference. So the money can be collected and given to the grandparents.

Cookies will be back February 10. I will be soo glad. We didn't meet the goal of 150 boxes but we came close.

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