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Thursday, February 12, 2009

No Buy Month Obstacle

I need to get my eyebrows done! This is not a problem for some women but I can't go a month without getting them done. My eyebrows are thick, no really thick. The hairs get long and I can probably comb them over my forehead.

My last attempt to pluck, tweeze, shape them myself was embarrasing. I need a professional.

Maybe I can barter with a friend who does hair and make up for extra income. The salon charges eight dollars to wax eyebrows. What can I barter that is worth $8 -10 dollars?

Have you bartered for anything recently?

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  1. $8 a month would be saving approximately $2 a week. If it is really necessary then save 8 quarters every week and put them in a jar. You probably can save the coins from stuff you buy to get the $8 and once a month cash in that change and go get those eyebrows done. The change then isn't accumulating in the bottom of your purse or in your case purses. The time you take to do this will make you feel better, not so deprived from the no spending and finally takes advantage of that extra change cluttering everything.