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Friday, February 20, 2009

Push ups‏

My cubicle mate read an article about little changes you can implement in your routine that will make you happier and more physically fit. They lady in the article did push ups everyday for a minute.

That’s all, by the end of the month she had lost seven pounds. She had more energy, she was toned and her posture had improved.

My cubicle mate was inspired. She has started a push up club here at work and keeps recruiting more people to join. I was glad to take part but I do not like that the club keeps expanding. I don’t want people to see me struggling. One of the main reasons I don’t go to the gym.

Pride is huge thing and mine is bigger than most, and I rarely like for people to see me sweat so to speak. So I bowed out gracefully. I have still kept up with the push up club. I do mine in private and I am doing more than they are.

I made a commitment to myself to lose weight and I can’t let my pride stand in the way. So what was my solution?

I do mine in the bathroom. We have bathrooms that are about the size of a good walk in closet. It has enough room on the floor for me to get down and participate in the club. I use the bathroom about five times a day. I drink forty ounces of water and at least two cups of coffee.

I am now doing five push ups each trip. So every day I do at least twenty five push ups. My goal is by the end of the month to get to ten push ups a trip.

Are you exercising daily? Are you gym shy like me? Any other ways to squeeze in exercise?

I have resistance bands. Maybe jump roping.

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  1. Well, I'm not gym shy and go to the gym/bootcamp at least 5 days/week. If I were you I would go and get 10lb weights, resistant bands, and a ball. YOu can do bicep curls with the weights,in push-up position brace your hands on the weights and when you come up bring your right hand with weight up and alternate. Try and do 2 sets of 10. This will work you triceps. With the ball do cruches. Also put your feet on the ball with your butt on the ground and your hands extended out lift up your butt and bring the ball in toward you. That will work your glutes. These are just a few tips. I read Women's Health Magazine(check online as well)Shape and Self. They always have excercises in their. I really like Women's Health because of the recipes, excercises and articles! Hope some of this works for you!