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Monday, February 2, 2009

Sports Banquet Blues

The little ones participated in football and cheer leading during the last season. It was kind of expensive but we managed. The owner and president of the team (did I mention before this was the teams very first season) wanted to throw the kids a banquet to honor them. The tickets were twenty dollars a piece. So for us that came out to $60.

Unfortunately, we purchased our tickets early. Saturday, the banquet was all paid for, we show up on time...

You know where this is going, everyone else was late. I don't mean ten minutes or even half an hour. We started well after six pm. Almost an hour and a half after it was supposed to start.

If my children hadn't been looking forward to trophies and certificates I would have left. I hate things that do not start on time. I hate having to wait for other people. I have way too active an imagination. I know what they are doing while I am waiting. I should say I can come up with a few things and all of them will in one way or another lead to me being pissed off.

Who ever planned the event had obviously never planned an event before. They begin the program, then stopped a quarter of the way through. Why you ask? The catering people (a player's family) arrived late and had finally finished setting up.

We stopped so that we could eat. There was no podium. There was no direction. One of the owners showed up two hours in. Some of the coaches chose that forum to (I won't say berate) but lecture some of the parents on the lateness, attendance and more. I think they were trying to kill time but I wanted it to move. Especially since we weren't those parents. Our children made every practice, with the exception of the littlest one who had choir practice bi-weekly.

There was supposed to be a raffle for a $250 card instead they gave away a $150. Where did the other hundred dollars go?

Then to cap off this train wreck of a night, I found out some people did not pay to attend... I want my sixty dollars back. For sixty dollars I don't expect a production. I do expect a certain level of refinement and cohesion to the event. A smoothly run event is hard to come by and for no one to seemingly be in charge then the whole night will be a waste of every one's time.

I am thinking if my son wants to play football next year we will look for a new team.

I was already thinking of enrolling my daughter in one of the competitive cheer programs. I am looking for a reasonable one here in the DC area, my idea of reasonable is not close to the actual price.

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