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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tough Issue Tuesday - $4 a Gallon Gas

I'm not sure when I saw Jeff Yeager the first time. Maybe before I begin my conversion, or around the time of my epiphany. I didn't know he had a blog (note it has been inactive since December 2008) until I saw a post by The Frugalista Files and Michelle Singletary named him her Color of Money pick. I bookmarked the site, but didn't have time to read until a few days ago.

The last blog post was Join the $4 a Gallon Green Savings Club. I immediately was struck - what a great idea. Gas here currently is under $2.00 just barely.

I had spent some time speculating with hubby about how far gas would fall before it started to rise again like it did over the summer. I don't want to be caught unaware by rising gas prices again. However, do I want to pay myself the difference between actual price and the not-so-mystical $4's a gallon?

It would take a little effort, I would or hubby would have to note the gallon price, how many gallons we put in the van, calculate the difference. Transfer the difference to a separate account, and let it sit. I could do this. That money could also be used for long road trips.

The other part (the mean side) of me says "What if gas doesn't rise to $4? What if it goes to $6 a gallon? How long would your '$4 fund' last then?"

What do you think? Do you think you should save money for future rising gas prices?

Listen to Jeff Yeager in his on words.

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  1. Fortunately for us we don't use a lot of gas. My husband works about 3 miles from home. My son's school is about 5 miles. Everywhere else is just a few miles either direction. I think someone where gas is a big budget item it would be a good idea.