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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tough Issue Tuesday: What is a good sale price to you?

I thought about that when I got an email from Fashion Bug screaming 50% of spring styles…

I clicked. Yes, I know it is no-buy month. It doesn't hurt to look. I realized when I saw the styles and the accompanying prices that my price point has dropped. So yes a few months and years ago $50.00 on a top wouldn't have fazed me. Now I look and recoil in sticker shock. This is not couture merchandise; it is a basic company selling basic office wear and casual clothing.

I realize you can't buy everything for the same price but what do you consider a great sale price for a man's shirt? A pair of ladies shoes? Kids jeans? A party dress?A button front shirt?A pair of slacks?

My automatic response is every thing for me needs to be under $75 (the only price I won't quarrel over is for bras), same for hubby (except his suits). That $75 is top of the line, special occasion clothes. For kids clothes, especially the little one nothing over $50. This is for new clothes, when I hit the thrift store my price point lowers considerably to everything under $10.

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  1. I don't pay a lot for kids clothes...I get a lot of them at Target. Kids grow out of them so fast that there really isn't much of a point to spend a lot of money on them. I also head to thrift shops for the kiddos -- some of the stuff there has never been worn! $50 for something new for a kid -- especially a toddler -- seems outrageous to me!