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Thursday, February 26, 2009

TV Thursday: DIY Network

I starting thinking about this topic two weeks ago. We need a new garage door installed, and I want a fence around the backyard (a really tall one).We are on a corner lot, the neighbors kids will walk through the yard. I hate that. I know I look like a banshee screaming at them but it is six feet to the damn sidewalk!

Back to the garage door - of course, I can't do it or at least I don't think I can. Hubby said it is a two person job and since we are rarely together anymore...But I really thought we should at least try to Do It Ourselves. I have watched a couple of shows on the TV but their website is a cool. I typed ' installing a garage door' into their search engine. 175 results returned. I clicked the first search result and scanned through. There was an episode blurb, a list of materials needed and step by step instructions. After reading, I feel a little more confident. Now I just have to convince hubby that we can do it.

I read this article on MSNBC today. It is a shame that most people automatically assume that something is too complicated for them to do. Why is because they like I think it is too complicated? Don't want to be bothered? Would rather pay than put in a little sweat equity? My grandmother always said do for yourself. I keep forgetting that lesson. I hate now that she taught me so many skills and I have lost them. I remember canning things from the garden, I remember gardening. Sewing, knitting, cooking from scratch, all things I could do when I was younger but have lost my touch now. I even remember an uncle teaching me the basic of car maintenance. Changing and checking the oil, fixing a flat, reading the tire pressure and adding air. The unfortunate part I don't remember how to do half of those things. I'll let you guess which half.

I think this recession is going to be better for everyone. Who doesn't need a better sense of self-reliance? An infusion of can-do spirit?

What have you done for yourself lately that you previously paid someone to do? Are you a DIY'er?

So I am pledging to regain those skills. Not all at the same time but one by one over the course of the year. One skill one month.

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