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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Gift bags

My second grader loves gift bags. Both giving and receiving, so of course giving the one valentine's card is not good enough. My solution last year and this year is of course - The Dollar Tree.

This years bag includes two chocolate hearts or lip shaped kisses, a heart shaped lollipop, a valentine decorated pencil and valentine inspired eraser, and the obligatory Valentine card.

Gift bag breakdown with left overs

Package of twenty five gift bags - $1
Box of Bratz valentine cards - $1
Two bags of heart shaped lollipop - $2
Two packs of twelve valentine pencils - $2
Two packs of twelve valentine erasers - $2
Four bags of heart and lip shapes chocolates - $4

Total $12

Teacher Gift - Some of the leftover pencils and other treats, along with a bag of Lindt Truffles purchased on sale and with a coupon. $4. I may go back and find a cute tin or something to make it a complete arrangement.

Total for kids and teacher $16.

If you can believe it, I saw a box of Valentine cards for seven dollars in the CVS! Seven bucks? Are you kidding me? Tell me why do they cost so much?

If the bags of heart and lip shaped candy hadn't shrinked since last year I could have down the gift bags for the kids for less than ten dollars. I used two bags last year, and had plenty left over. This year we were cutting it close with four bags.

I guess shrinking bags of candy is just another sign of the economy.

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