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Friday, February 6, 2009

What happens when you don't learn your lesson?

A little over a week ago it snowed then iced over here in the DC area.

I'm sure I have mentioned that I take a Metro Express bus into the city. I live near one of the popular bus stops; it is not a park and ride but there is plenty of street parking here in the neighborhood. So I can either walk the couple of blocks there or have hubby drop me off. Three blocks past my street is a complex of townhouses. I know a couple of ladies who live there walk up the street to catch the bus. The rest drive the five blocks and park.

It is a good idea. Park, no one would bother your car. No one would give you a ticket. You don't have to get to the park and ride lot early. An even worse case, get there late and cruise around looking for a parking spot.

Like I was saying earlier. It snowed, then started to thaw. It rained, the temperature dropped like a stone - then we have ICE. One of the ladies from the townhouse complex left her car parked up the street near the bus stop.

I'm sure she was thinking "I'll leave my car here , nothing will happen."

This day she was wrong. Ice means slipping and one car slipped really bad and you guessed it slid along her car and dented in the entire driver's side. Can you imagine getting off the bus and walking to your car to see the side smashed in? The side swiper also hit at least one other car.

After this happens to you would you park your car in the exact same spot again? She did.

Can you guess what happened?


Yes someone swiped the car again!

It is maybe five six blocks. Get up twenty minutes earlier. Walk the distance. Leave your car in the driveway. Don't take that chance again.

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