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Friday, March 20, 2009

Celestial Seasonings Coupons

I gave up coffee for Lent. That is as far as I can go. I am a coffee addict, I know it, I admit to it readily. I knew I would need something hot to drink in the mornings. I purchased a Fruit Sampler with a $1.00 coupon off and paid with a pharmacy gift card. So my cost were minimal on the whole thing.

I took the box to work. No problems right? It is just tea, what could go wrong?

Sometimes, I think that Murphy's Law has it out for me. I opened the box that is supposed to be a sampler with five kinds of teas. No, there were not five kinds there were three. Get this the two teas that I really wanted were not in the box. The two teas I could have lived without, they were in the box twice! This is the first week, first day of no coffee so I was grouchy, moody, and in no mood for such a mess up!

I went onto the website and left (I admit a nasty) message. Today, I got a letter with four coupons. Two for free boxes of tea and two for .50 cents off of a box of tea.

The kicker the coupons don't expire until the December 31. I love Celestial Seasonings Tea.

Have you ever written a company? Have you ever gotten a response? Was it a letter or coupon or product?

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