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Saturday, March 14, 2009

DIY Saturday and other good news

Hubby decided he wanted to cook brunch this morning. I am not one to turn down offered assistance. So maybe I should have a DIY Sunday.

Our mailman (he is a very good looking man, I look) has been early everyday this week. We have speculated on the reason but believe me we aren't complaining. Today, we received an unexpected refund from the Gas company of $337.99.

Nice, I know! We are using this money to rebuild the emergency fund that was depleted. It went from over three grand to less than two hundred through unplanned expenses and repairs and dental visits and other things.

I have literally wanted to slash everything to the bone to rebuild my fund as quick as possible. Two things have stopped me from going the frugal nutcase route: the fact that both of us are employed and the fact that even trimming everything to the bone our emergency fund wouldn't grow as fast as I wanted. We just have too many expenses.

What I have emphasized is the need for everyone to use moderation and conservation. I go through the house yelling for the lights to be turned off, water not left running, set times in the shower and how much water in the bathtub. My kids never realized how much they were using until it was pointed out to them.

I can see the difference already in the water bill. The bill has dropped for the quarter. We are billed every three months. We budget $225 for our bill was less than $100. I still have not reset the budget categories to reflect these lower bills. I am just transferring the difference for now.

How are you doing on building you emergency fund? Do you have a target number for your emergency fund? Do you have a baby fund of $1000 or a more robust fund?

I read this article about Gen X'ers who are suffering in the down turn. One guy has two years of living expenses saved.

I hear stories like this and say I will be able to do this too.

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