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Saturday, March 7, 2009

DIY Saturday

Well today was to be the first Saturday in which I attempted to regain some of my lost skills.

My project: I was going to make biscuits from scratch. I know not a big deal but I haven't done it in at least ten years. I used to do it everyday. My grandmother didn't like the ones from a can/tube too much. She also didn't like one skillet meals either and those happen to be my favorites.

O am delaying my DIY Saturday because I still feel like crap from the wisdom teeth extraction. Also, it is Girl Scout meeting day, oldest has to sing with the school choir, middle child is going to a friends house and hubby has to work.

Maybe next Saturday I can give it a try. I had my mouth all set for golden buttery biscuits with preserves. Mm preserves. I will have to re-learn how to make those as well.

Any tips? Any DIY items I should add to the list? Are you thinking of relearning some old skills? What are they? Share so that we all can take part.

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