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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Envelope Method

There are many methods of preparing for a trip to the store.

There is the quick list written on the fly on whatever is available, the back of an bill, etc.

There is the more orderly items listed on a prepared shopping list. Probably one with check boxes or lines.

There is going in the store and walking endlessly around the aisles trying to remember what you needed.

There is the tell someone else to remind you, of course they are prone to forgetting as well.

There is circling ads in the sale paper. Of course this one is subject to you forgetting the paper.

I have done all of these and more. Hubby and I have different methods of preparing for the store. It has taken us some time to come up with a method that works for us best.

We have accidentally fallen into a system that is best for us. One person reviews the sale paper for whatever store we plan on going to, calling out sales items while the other person goes through the coupons to see if we have a match. We gather those coupons that match the sale. We paper clip the sale circular with the sale items circled together to the envelope with matching coupons.

I would love to say we have gotten organized enough to have a running list of the things we are short of in the house.

I am working on it. The Big O is one of my goals in progress for this year.

We still take the main coupon holder into the store in case there are some unadvertised sales or a good deal.
How do you prepare for a trip to the store?

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