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Friday, March 6, 2009

Five Things to Do when you have had your Wisdom Teeth Removed

I had my four wisdom teeth removed yesterday, one was impacted in my lower jaw in the horizontal position. (Pain like you can't imagine)He said "it game me a little trouble" and I had a fleshy growth the oral surgeon removed while he had me under.

Here is my to do list for today.

1. Watch a marathon of your favorite TV show or a series of movies.

2. Create a coupon calendar. This is to track when coupons will expire. I have let a few really good coupons slip past me and expire. So to keep this from happening again. I have decided to create a monthly calendar of what expires when. I will show you my results later.

3. Cut up old towels for rags.

4. Design a business card for myself. I keep getting offered work every time I say I am a researcher. I turn down a lot of this work just because it borders on illegal. Writing papers for people, etc. Sometimes a legit offer comes and I do want to be considered; it is for this reason I will be printing a few business cards. Then I put a little thought into it. I think every one should have a business card even if they aren't offering services. Giving someone your number to put into their cell phone is a quick way to get forgotten. I was scrolling for some one's number in my cell phone. I could not for the life of me remember who some of the numbers belonged too.

5. Complete the weekly meal planner for next week and maybe the week after.

Get as much sleep as possible between tasks.

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