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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tough Issue Tuesday: How much to make you leave for another job?

Hubby came home sad the other day.

'Bay, what's wrong?'

'Remember Anthony?'

'Your work buddy? Right?'

'Yeah, he quit.'

'For the job that pays $3 more an hour?'


Hubby and Anthony meet at a cattle call interview. Larger corporations will bring in twenty people for quick five to ten minute interviews. The company will interview them either in groups or in a rotation. Those people conducting an interview will quickly weed out the undesirables (not qualified, not a good fit, etc) of the large group then focus on more intensive interview with the cream of the crop so to speak.

Well, hubby and Anthony spent the whole day going from one interview to another interview. Both made the cut and were hired, they attended orientation and training together. They would eat lunch together and shared a similar sense of humor. We live ten miles apart.

Maybe a week to ten days ago, hubby told me that Anthony had been offered another position. He was actually dismissive of the offer. Why because it was only three dollars more an hour.

First, you have to know a couple of things. Hubby and all employees have free parking in a secured lot. Their uniforms are provided and dry cleaned for free.They are offered a meal stipend of $3.00 a day in the employee grill. Meals are very inexpensive (two slices of pizza, large salad and large brownie are $2.25, drinks are free). If they go over that three dollars then they pay the differences. Hubby tells me some people eat one meal and then go back at the end of their shift to get another meal to take home.

So lets review, free parking and free meals, free uniforms, and dry cleaning.

Three dollars more an hour translates to $120 more a week.

Now, like I said we live five to ten minutes away (in traffic) and Anthony lives five to ten minutes beyond us.

Hubby and I both assumed that Anthony would have to pay for meals and parking. In the area where he will be working everything is expensive, so lets guesstimate at least ten dollars a day to park. That is fifty dollars a week. Even is he gets subsidized parking, he may be liable for a portion.

Lunches, say he brown bags it. It will still be an added expense, because he was eating for free. Unless he does like I do adding in the cost of lunches to his grocery bill. What if Anthony doesn't brown bag it? What if he purchases meals? Six dollars a day (this is being on the frugal side, like I mentioned before area is expensive) times five days is thirty dollars.

Commute, the new job is forty minutes away in no traffic, an hour and a half or more in traffic. Hubby said the commute alone would make him turn it down. That is three hours away from home and family. Gas. He drives a mid size truck, so his gas usage is up. Not to mention, wear and tear on the truck. Lets say at minimum forty dollars a week.


If he spends more for parking or food he is now in the negative plus he is missing out on time with his wife. What about the other intangibles? Uniforms? Dry cleaning? He now has to start the clock over on his ninety days. He was a little over forty days away from qualifying for benefits.

So what do you think? Did Anthony do the right thing? Would you have done the same thing?

Anthony is not Hubby's buddy name. He shall remain anonymous.

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