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Friday, March 27, 2009

Truthful Friday

I have had a couple of really rough weeks. You know how they say 'trouble comes in three's'? Well I have been waiting almost three weeks for the other shoe to drop. The First of Three Troubles' came in the form of a letter from the IRS saying that I owed $3,800 from 2007 taxes. Remember, I had mentioned previously that I was waiting to file our taxes for this year until I received my Unemployment statement. I eventually had to call, go online and print my statement. After inputting that my tax outlook changed drastically.

I owe money to the state of Maryland in the amount of $580. I owe money to the District of Columbia to the whopping tune of $960. Why? Why so much? I didn't have taxes taken out of my Unemployment checks.

So here I am, I owe over five thousand in taxes with less than a thousand in my emergency fund and a depleted life happens fund. I have been devastated and depressed. I have tried to eat my weight in potato chips (my weakness), ice cream, Reese's peanut butter cups, thin mints, and all other manner of things. Drowning my sorrows in root beer (personal favorite) and other caffeine substitutes.

My plan was to register a payment plan with the IRS for the back tax amount. (I did this I owe $300 a month for the next thirteen months) Then quickly file this years taxes on which I am due a refund. Take my federal refund and pay my state taxes.

I tried unsuccessfully to file my taxes over the weekend. My return was rejected twice. I am forced to send my 2008 return via the U.S. Postal service. I doubt seriously that I will getting my federal tax refund before the April 15Th due date to pay my state taxes owed.

The rejection from the IRS? One of our dependent's social security numbers has been used. I assure neither myself or Hubby has granted permission to anyone else to use one of the kids social security number. This has happened to me before so I know the routine. The last time it happened, I didn't get a check until September.

I will once again be depleting my emergency fund to pay the state taxes.

If that wasn't trouble enough...

The Second of The Three Troubles is work related. My employer is cash strapped and on the verge of .... I don't want to say insolvency but what else do I say...

My boss' credit cards has been closed. The credit card I use to book travel arrangements, buy supplies has been changed. I don't have ready access to the new card. I have to get permission from three people before ordering. Before it was one maybe two people; I am (or thought I was) close to the comptroller. She has stopped socializing and is extremely tight lipped about anything money related.

As you can tell I have stressed more than I even care to admit in a public place.

I have done what any grown up would do, I have taken in extra work to try and make up the difference. I really just wish life for me could be simpler. I always feel like there are three times as many obstacles for me to clear to get to an even keel.

One step forward - three steps back. Like I said earlier, I am still waiting for the third thing to happen.

My short term goal is to pay off the state taxes. Try to once again rebuild my emergency fund and that never getting off the ground again life happens fund. I have my work cut out for me.

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