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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Win a Free Trip to Orlando or Italy or Your Bliss!

Instead of a coupon, Francesco Rinaldi is offering an opportunity to win a trip for four to Orlando. I probably would have preferred a coupon. I can get a jar of this sauce for like $1.00 a jar but a coupon would still be nice.
Olive Garden is giving away an 8 day guided trip to Italy. They also had coupons, hubby and I will be using one for date night.
Hershey's Bliss is giving you a chance to win a customized vacation to the Big Apple or a Spa vacation or to Hershey Park.
What better way to have a vacation than to win one?
I enter at least one giveaway a month on average. I rarely win but I like the idea that one day I will. I won a free cell phone years ago.
This year I am determined to have more travel and vacation time. I fear for my sanity without being able to get away more than once a year. Christmas proved to me, that week was an eye opening experience about how much down time I really need to be functional.
Which means I will enter every contest that offers a free trip that I come across.
Have you ever won a giveaway or contest?

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