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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Employment Monday on Tuesday: World turned topsy turvy

I have been sweating bullets about my company and their insolvency. Then today out of the blue, my boss sends an outlook invite for a meeting with the heading 'Announcement'.

I don't think much of it. We go in sit down. "I wanted to let you know that I have resigned. My last day will be Friday."

You want to talk about something screaming out of the blue? I was so unprepared for that and the ramifications.

I will have a new boss. I was glad that my current boss was a buffer between myself and new boss.

New Boss is more exacting (read between the lines here) than my current boss. She has a vastly different personality than I do and we do not mesh. Think salad oil and motor oil. I don't want to say we have butted heads but I will say that our previous communication efforts have not gone well.

Something is lost between my lips and her ears.

We are the same age so that is another thing that has to be taken under advisement in the way I handle things with her. I don't think she wants to be buddy buddy in her treatment but she doesn't want to be boss.

What do I do? Well for now I will keep trudging along but I am ramping up my job search from the two jobs I do at lunch now to three to five. (The most productive use of a lunch hour that I can think of besides eating.) Hopefully it won't take long to replace current boss but she has given a very short notice and her replacement will have to hit the ground running.

Luckily there will be a lot of conferences for me to attend in the next three months since it won't be split between three people but two people. I think I am going from four events to six or seven. So I will be out of the office a lot which will hopefully minimize the misunderstanding.

I will begin making use of my need for the library at least once a week and exercising my work from home options as often as possible.

How do you handle seismic changes at work?

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