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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guest Post: Paid Surveys 101

This is a guest post by Brandie from the fantastic site Free Sample Freak. She is the most voracious finder of the greatest giveaways and samples on the web. Show her some love on Twitter or drop by her blog for your daily dose of free samples. Today she is giving us a tutorial on paid survey sites, something I have wanted to participate in but didn't know the steps or which site to trust. This is a great way to generate additional income.

Personally I never thought that you could really get paid for doing online surveys. Boy was I wrong!! There are TONS of online paid survey sites out there, each one usually has its own little niche. It is up to you to find the sites that work best for your needs. Some pay by check, some pay by Paypal, and some pay by points or rewards. To check out survey scams you can visit my friend Amy at Webfloss, she is the best at tracking down scams!

First I would start by opening an alternate email account; you can do this through various sites like yahoo or google. I say this because a lot of the survey companies that I use will send you email "alerts" when new surveys are available and it is easier for me to just have a separate email for them to go to. Now, I want to introduce you to several of the companies that I do online surveys with.

Dollar Surveys is in my top list of sites that I love. Registering with them literally means signing in with your email address. The surveys they provide are usually short. I think the longest one I have done for them was 20 minutes long. Dollar Surveys pays straight to your Paypal account. It usually takes up to 7 days for you to receive payment after taking a survey. You can also take as many of their surveys as you want!! They usually send me one email a day as a reminder to take my daily survey, after I complete the first survey I usually do a few more.

Inbox Dollars is another site that I enjoy. I signed with them over a year ago and I have no complaints. Once you reach $30 in earnings they will send you a check. You can earn several ways through Inbox Dollars, they send 3-5 paid emails a day, which means once you open the email and click "confirm reading this paid email"...you just got paid! You can also fill out offers to earn money through them (some offers are free some are not..its up to you to decide which ones to take). Inbox Dollars also pays you for playing games and they have free surveys you can take as well.

SayNation is a site that I am new with but i really enjoy it so far, they pay in "points". Points add up very quickly!!! The surveys are usually not very long. You can redeem your points for various things like books, movies, gas cards, gift cards to major stores, or even trade your points in for cash. In their "Catalog" online it will tell you how many points you need for a certain item. Another neat thing about SayNation is that your points progress is stated on your left sidebar so you are never left wondering how many more points you need. I could probably write about paid survey all day long but for now I will leave you with these three sites. So...good luck, I hope you enjoy them, now go make some money! :)


  1. Thanks so much for the opportunity Shai! I hope that your readers enjoy the post and are able to benefit from it! :)

  2. Brandie, about how much does each survey pay? Which companies pay the most and the least?
    I'm skeptical about paid surveys--are they really worth the time? Let's say a survey takes 10 minutes to complete (and I don't have to buy or sign up for anything, etc.), it would have to pay at least $4 to be worth my time. And that's assuming my lowest freelance rate. For Dollar Surveys, what is their payment threshold?

    Looks like the links you provide give you a commission for referrals/sign-ups. Do you find this method of (sort of) passive income brings in more than the actual surveys you complete? Besides articles like this, do you have any recommendations on amassing referrals?