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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I hope you have had a good day. Ate your weight in candy, saw the Easter Bunny and all other Easter fun.

I was so unprepared for this holiday. Luckily grandparents to the rescue!

My mother in law bought my daughter's Easter dress. Not to be out done by his wife, my father in law bought my twelve year old son a new suit for Easter. Then while I left church to take Hubby to work, the grandparents decided the kids needed to spend the day with them. Where are they?

I don't know! I don't want to say I don't care but I have been alone for three hours in peace and quiet. A rarity indeed. I had to turn the TV (the Urge or 24 hour music channels) on for noise.

I closet shopped for my work trip to Albuquerque next week. I had a hell of a hankering to go shopping so I substituted closet shopping. I spent twenty minutes switching shirts and suits combinations. In my closet shopping excursion, I found leftover Christmas presents. A Leapster game for the littlest one and a comic book for the middle one.

Where is oldest one? He went on a school trip to Italy, his flight is due in soon.

So what do I think they are doing? I assume dinner and whatever grandparents and grandchildren get into when the parents aren't around to enforce some 'rain on my parade time'.

Back to my unpreparedness; I didn't have baskets or presents or even bunnies for my kids. Normally, I would have had the candy a month ago. I am leaving now/soon to run to the Aldi or CVS for bunnies.

What disturbs me most is how unprepared I am; normally I look at the calendar a month ahead of time to work out presents and gifts for the budget. What if I didn't have leftover presents? What if I was strapped for cash? What if we didn't have traditional grandparents who believe that Easter is just as important as Christmas?

How will I fix this problem of unpreparedness? I am now scheduling a calendar/budget review time for the first Sunday of the month. This will ensure I am updated on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I hate not being prepared. It is one of the worst feelings, just like being lost.

How do you prepare for things? Do you wait until the last minute? Do you have to wait until you get paid to buy things? Do you buy things months in advance or on sale?

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