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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I will never order flowers from FTD again: A review of suckiness by FedEx and FTD

Remember me saying that my boss' last day was Friday, April 25? And that my co-worker and I had ordered flowers for her. We ordered them Thursday April 25 around 8:30 am. First problem occurred during FTD's online ordering process. Our message 'A mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Spendthrift & Coworker.' was rejected by the system.

Forcing me to call in to the 1-800 number and then again forcing me to give my CC number over the phone. There was no option for restarting or telling me why I could not go past that page. Normally if you encounter an error, the system is designed to say: Error on line 16 or some crap. Nope. Just call.

I a victim of identity theft by a relative loathe giving out any personal information. Especially if I have to broadcast it.

The lady on the phone was pleasant but I am guessing she gets paid by how many words she says because all I wanted to do was order and get off. She had three sentences for every response I made. Making a three minute call into twelve minutes easily.

I asked for if they would be delivered by Friday. Yes. Now the flowers were $29.99 + fees + taxes=$46.98. I wasn't worried because co-worker and I were splitting the price.

I was given the confirmation number and asked that it be emailed to me as well. I received email and ship confirmation with FedEx tracking number at 9:44 am on the 24th of April. I was impressed. Sometimes it takes forever to get an email confirmation.

Friday morning, I go on to FedEx.com to track my flowers. Status: on truck for delivery at 8:13 am.

I think great!

Nine o'clock: no flowers
Ten o'clock: no flowers
Eleven o'clock: No flowers
Twelve o'clock: We have left for our farewell lunch at 11:40: No flowers. I think okay, they will be back when we come back.
Two o'clock: We are back, NO flowers.
Three o'clock: Boss has two hours of leave left to use. She leaves early. No flowers.
Four o'clock: Pissed off - still NO flowers. Call FTD! Cancel my order! I get email confirmation of cancel at 4:08 pm.
Five o'clock: Go home for the day, waiting for charge roll of card. Have to refund co-worker her half.

Wednesday: Get a call from receptionist. Your flowers are here. "girl, you shitting me!" Go down stairs sure enough the black box has arrived.

FedEx guy: "I don't know what is in the boxes." His response to my query to 'dude these are flowers.'

I open the box wilted daisies and lilies greet me. I reject the shipment and sign my name.

I just went and re tracked the package. The first attempted delivery was Friday night at 8:36 pm.

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