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Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Updates for Converting A Spendthrift:

Me :
I am over the mutating flu/virus/head cold whatever I caught when I was traveling to Albuquerque. I am still tired, falling into bed before my head hits the pillow I am out.

I had a moment of sheer panic this morning. I have had a lot of money in my bank account for several reasons. Taxes that we owe ($980 to DC government, $560 to the state of Maryland, $300 a month to the IRS), rent, monthly bills and my new 'buffer money' to avoid overdraft fees. (My father in law owns the home we live in and he never deposits a check when he gets it. There have been some months that I have had two months of rent sitting in the bank waiting for the check to clear before. This was one of those months.)

I check my balance and for some reasons I get frightened that I don't have enough to cover everything that is coming out! Why? Stupidity, I guess. I was about to break into tears. Then my brain registered 'oh, you dummy something came out you aren't short!' So I started looking through my transactions and sure enough two rent checks had come out on the same day.

I had gotten used to my bank balance being well over a few thousand dollars. And in my head I owed so much more than what I had in the bank, I feared I was almost two thousand short. I was like did I do that much shopping, what can I take back, how much do I have to cover for the make up... I am going to take something from this moment: I have to learn more about what I owe (instead of this is coming out on the 10th...I have been slacking since the first when I reviewed bills) and when it is coming out. I have to be more diligent about my finances if I want a true conversion from Sepndthrift to saver.

Work related:

I got my quarterly 401 K statement I am -10.42%. I have contributed more than I have in the account. Lovely (insert dripping sarcasm here).

My boss turned in her resignation while I was in Albuquerque. She announced it to my co-worker and I on Tuesday.

More stuff:

Last night was date night. We went to TGIF. Used a $10 off coupon. I will see if I can find it for you. I had spinach dip and a $4 Long Island Iced Tea. He had wings with Jack Daniels sauce with fries and a coke. We split a chips ahoy sundae. Total $32 and change. After coupon bill came to $21 and change. Left eight dollar tip. Total $30. (before you spout off at me, this is literally the only time hubby and I have to ourselves and we like to eat)

Afterwards we hit the Target so I could find a present for the leaving boss. Found a map of the US with each state represented by license plates. (We travel a lot so I think she will appreciate it) Total $41 getting half back from co-worker.

Co-worker and I ordered the cheapest bouquet from FTD this morning and split the cost of that as well. Total $46.98 (got half back already)

I hate unexpected costs. I don't budget lunches out with co-workers into my grocery bill like I do lunches. So far boss leaving has cost $43 and there is still the two hour lunch tomorrow!

I hate eating in groups (except with a few friends) because you never know if there will be an equitable split or not. After my last experience I am totally against group dining with current co-workers.

Blog stuff:

The winners of the Sandra Lee cookbooks have not contacted me back. They are not bloggers like Sistah Ant and Peppermint Twists. So I can't post in their comments section. I direct messaged them on Twitter. No response.

I may be giving them away again if I don't hear from them soon.

I have the coupons for Sistah Ant and Peppermint Twist but was trying to make one trip to post office to mail everything. So I was waiting. I will have to go this evening. No need to wait anymore.

How was your day, week?

Tomorrow is Draft Day I will watching my beloved New Orleans Saints!

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