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Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Sight, New Perspective

I think I mentioned before that my two kids needed glasses. Well a couple of weeks ago, we picked up the glasses (special lens on back order). The first thing they asked for was new eyeglass cases. The cases for sale in the office were 6.99. I told them we would go to Dollar Tree. Yep, eyeglass cases for $2.00 compared to $14.00 in the office.

Afterwards, we headed to the library.

Why did all my kids want library books? Even the one who didn't need glasses. Normally I have to drag them kicking and screaming to the library with me. This time with new eyeglasses they couldn't wait to read.

We get home and TV is not the first thing they ask for. What do they want? Bookmarks. I almost starting checking for alien infestation.

I realized on the way home the connection to personal finance. Once someone has a new sight or begins to see things a different way; their perspective changes as well.

For the last month our emergency fund has been way under $1,000. I was so stressed out not having that thousand dollar cushion in the bank. I started smoking again. I haven't smoked in years. I can tell you the exact moment I stopped smoking, I had about $1,200 in the bank. My car broke down. Something minor like a starter or alternator; but I didn't stress. Before I started getting my finances together, this would have sent me into a tizzy.

I can tell you now; before I never paid my bills on time. I rarely ever paid anything in the month it was due with the exception of rent. Rent came out of one check, bills came out of another check. It never occurred to me then to save half of the rent from one check or any other way.

Now, my bills are paid on line ahead of time or on the due date. As soon as a bill arrives I try to schedule the payment.

I am proud of myself for that and want to celebrate. I have decided that my next personal challenge is to try to pay all bills one week early for three months.

I am unsure how well this will go but I going to give it a try.


  1. Hi ,
    I love your site , and I love the financial advice . I have just one request - could you please remove the Raul Midon thing on the left hand side of the page ? It cuts into the blog, making that part of the blog impossible to read .
    Thanks !

  2. I moved it to the botom of the page, I hope that helps.