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Friday, April 3, 2009

Quarterly Coin Rolling, Extra Money, End of the Week, No Rest for the Weary

It is April! Wow, isn't the year just flying by me? and probably you too. Remember, me telling you about rolling all my loose change in January? Well, I just starting rolling my change again. My container is not even a quarter full but I have thirty dollars in quarters. I will let you know how much I have when I finish.

Did you stop spending your change? Have you filled a container up?

I got my check for $30 big smackers for my jury duty service this week. I also got a paper check for $5 from purchasing Band-Aid during Dollar Coupon Doubling Days at my local Shoppers.
The Band Aid's were on sale 2 for $5. Two dollar coupons doubled to four dollars. Two boxes for one dollar, and I got reimbursed for the full five dollars from my Flexible Spending Account.

I checked the balance on my FSA this week. We have $480 left to spend for the year. We have spent roughly $720 already this year. I have made $300 in contributions so far.

I am glad the end of the week is here. Tomorrow night, Hubby 's high school graduation class is having a continuation of their 2oth class reunion. A happy hour mixer! This should be fun. Hubby is always telling me how he was the BMOC in high school. I want to see if it is true or just ego.

The weekend has arrived and it is one again full of activities. Girl Scouts, golf lessons, stuff, stuff, stuff. I still have a couple of items pending for a client and work products that were due two weeks ago that I cannot seem to finish. I need inspiration. Send me a muse. I still haven't started on the Diaper cakes for my friend's shower, more things to do.

More work news: Back to Albuquerque! I'm not complaining about a free trip, getting paid to go somewhere, money to go there...but why can't I get to go to Florida (Miami), California (beach), Seattle, New York, Philly. Places where I have friends to visit (Oklahoma, Houston), places I have lived before New Orleans, Dallas, etc.

What are you doing this weekend?

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