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Friday, April 3, 2009

Using sales and coupons to build your Emergency Kit

My daughter has for many months wanted to do a family emergency plan. She has mapped out every location for us to meet in an emergency. She is a worrywart by nature.

Spurred by the good example of Single Ma, I have printed an emergency planning kit list. We found a Rubbermaid storage container that was semi empty and I have given the list to my daughter.

She and middle son have spent the a couple of hours running around the house gathering things.

The funny thing is most of the toiletries we had were because of couponing and sales at CVS, Rite Aid, etc.

There are five of us, you would think that toiletries like deodorant for five people would take a little effort to gather. I had nine on hand, enough for everyone to get one in the emergency kit and still have left overs for daily use.

Total cost for the five deodorants that went into the kit - $2.75.

Everything else that went in today, Band-aids, gauze pads, lotion, feminine items, hand sanitizer, soap, toilet paper all purchased with coupons during double and triple sales.

It looks like most of our family emergency kit will be put together for minimal costs using items just from our surplus. I will add an item a week to the shopping list until we are finished.

So the next time you see an item on sale for little or nothing pick up two and use it to build your emergency kit.

I also am allowing the children to pack on backpack full of things to put it the kit.

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