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Monday, April 6, 2009

Week Four: The Poor Person's Day to Day Guide of what to do when Laid Off, Fired or Quit

There are not many tasks for this week. This week is about adapting a new mindset.

22. Day Twenty Two: Remove spending temptations - turn off the television. Do not use it as a source of entertainment. Why? Two reasons, first commercials are aimed at you to try and get you to purchase. Turn of the Home Shopping Network and QVC both will leave you with a sense of longing for things you don't need, and can't afford. I admit it I had to stop watching one of my favorite networks HGTV because I wanted to redecorate my space in new ways. Every idea I saw sparked three or four other ideas, all of which I could not afford.

Second, if you are watching television all day, how are you applying for jobs? How are you earning income? The television is a solitary activity that steals time from you. Turn it off. If you want entertainment, get a movie from the library. Movies are set period of time - one and half or two hours that will give you the entertainment laugh (or cry) you desire without inundating you with commercials.

Continue meeting your goal of XX jobs applied per day.

23. Day Twenty Three: Join or start an Unemployment Club. This will get you out of the house (or just urge you to clean your own) and interacting with other adults. You know what the adage is ‘misery loves company’

Treat your group like an investment club but instead of investing in the stock market, invest in each other:

a. Share meals (at the least you won't have to cook one night),
b. Trade children's clothes (if no children, trade your clothes or shoes or accessories),
c. Do recipe swaps (swap your best recipe for someone else's),
d. Trade coupons,
e. Share a Costco/Sam's membership.
f. Plant a garden,
g. Take library or museum trips together

h. Search for free food opportunities.
i. Exercise together
j. Vent

There are even more uses for your club besides companionship and frugality:

a. Critique each other’s resumes,
b. Do mock interviews in front of the group,
c. Share your job search techniques,
d. Share job leads and resumes,
e. Alert one another when you find a hot job
f. Teach each other Excel and Word shortcuts

This is an opportunity to share your skills and learn from others.

Continue meeting your goal of XX jobs applied per day.

24. Day Twenty Four: Buckle down for the long haul. The current average period of unemployment is 19.8 weeks. (BLS.gov) Up from 16.6 weeks one year ago. Twenty weeks is roughly five months, don't expect to start a new job right away you are in this for the duration. This is a good day to review your expenses again. Prepare to wait out your unemployment phase with an open mind.

Continue meeting your goal of XX jobs applied per day.

25. Day Twenty Five: Decide what kind of job you want. Full time, great salary, month paid vacation (don’t we all) or something to get you back to work that will pay your bills? Review what you are living on now, and decide to focus on jobs that can meet your needs now.

Continue meeting your goal of XX jobs applied per day.

26. Day Twenty Six: Romance the Stone. Start courting the Human Resource people you have had contact with at least once. Send thank you notes by email and/or by regular mail.

Continue meeting your goal of XX jobs applied per day.

27. Day Twenty Seven: Update your references. Call your references. First ask them for an honest evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses. You may not like what the have to say but listen anyway. After that conversation, ask them to be your reference. If they are willing make sure their contact information is correct. People are being laid off, they are moving, verify where they will be. Make sure you have the correct office phone, cell phone and email and physical address for them; as well as the correct spelling of their name and title. Get a core list of people that you can rely on to give good constructive accounts of your work efforts. Don’t just rely on a previous boss to speak on your account.

Continue meeting your goal of XX jobs applied per day.

28. Day Twenty Eight: Recharge the family battery. Spend quality time with the family. Remember stressing yourself will transfer that stress to the others. Enjoy some fun activities. Games at home, movie night, evening walks, visits to the park, storytelling hour at the library, there are always free or nearly free activities that you can do with your family. Just remember to pack snacks and water or juice so that you don't have to buy anything when you get there.

Continue meeting your goal of XX jobs applied per day.

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  1. This is a great list. I have to say that I haven't been doing very many things on this list! It will give me some things to think about! THanks :)