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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whip It Up Wednesday: Lunches for work.

I think I have mentioned before that I budget my lunches and snacks for work into my grocery budget. I give myself about $17.50 a week, which is $3.50 a day. There are not many places to get a full meal and snacks for $3.50 so I have to be careful about exceeding my budget. One day of lunch with a co-worker can blow my budget quickly.

I am not a picky eater but I don't like cold sandwiches for lunch (like many others) which makes me susceptible to the temptation of buying lunches. I take cans of soups, chili, among other things.

I carry coupons in my wallet, for the things I normally buy at the grocery (Safeway)during my commute. I switch buses on a corner where the store is, I have to stop myself from going in some days.

Somehow, I end up making part of my money back. I have a co-worker who buys bananas from me everyday at .50 cents a piece. Why she never stops at the store to get her own is a wonder to me... She actually pays for my bananas in the long run. Yesterday, I bought 1.61 pounds of bananas at .59 cents a pound. Total price .95 cents. Two co-workers bought, so am I in essence a nickel ahead and still have four bananas left.

I have coupons for microwave meals, yogurt, cereal bars, cheese, crackers, and tea, etc. in my wallet. When I or hubby clip coupons I set aside the ones that I will carry in my wallet.

I try to purchase my lunches when we do the main grocery shopping. I like somethings from Aldi but I try to vary my lunches and snacks.

What do you do for lunch? Eat out or brown bag it. Do you have a lunch budget? Are your snacks and breakfasts included in that total?

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  1. I used to eat out for lunch everyday....now I bring my lunch. I probably eat out once every two weeks to treat myself. I have saved lots of money! I do not really care for a sandwich either. I usually bring leftovers from last night's dinner, soup, chicken salad, or tv dinners. :)