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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whip It Wednesday: Selling food

Lately, all I want to do is make more money.

I know that is a strange lead in for a Whip It Up Wednesday but one it is true and second I saw something Monday that really sparked the connection between food and extra income.

After I got home from work Monday, I went to the 7-11 by our church. Here in the DC area the temp got up to 90+. At work the heat was stuck on and all I wanted was a Slurpee (at home down south it is an Icee).

On the door of the 7-11 was a sign that said ‘Brownie Madness or Extravaganza’. There was a horrible picture (I think it was just to close up).

Someone had talked the 7-11 into selling brownies for $1.35. The thing is they didn’t look that good. However, my new ways of seeing a hustle (or money to be made at every turn) is that even if the sellers used a box mix from the grocery costing $2, a couple of eggs, maybe milk or oil. To be conservative, the costs for a pan of brownies wouldn’t cost them more than four or five dollars. Let’s say 16 brownies per pan that is a profit of at least $10 or more per pan. Split profit 70/30 with the 7-11 people and the sellers still walk with a profit of $7 a pan.

Have you ever made food to sell? Would you have the nerve to ask the local convenience store to sell your products? Would you do sell food as a secondary source of income?

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  1. Jane at TAiMH is starting a bakery out of her home! She's promised to keep us posted as to how it works out and if she's able to make some extra cash this way. Here's her first post about it: http://trueadventuresinmoneyhacking.blogspot.com/2009/05/adventures-in-cake-installment-one.html