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Friday, May 8, 2009

Confessions from a fat girl

I have a confession.

I have been eating badly.

I mean really badly.

Not just the junk food that I love (I've been eating that too) but I have been eating out as well. I have fallen off the wagon for the last couple of weeks.

Monday night, my in-laws took the kids out to dinner. What did I do? Did I go home and eat a sensible salad?

No I went out and gorged myself on steak, veggies and baked sweet potato from Outback. That’s not so bad I know. Did I mention the whole bloomin onion I ordered for myself? Or the south pacific peach martini? Did I mention that I ate a whole loaf of the dark bread slathered in honey butter?

Did I mentioned the food I got from Checkers(Rally's) the night before?

Did I mention food from our jaunt to IKEA to get new slats for my daughters bed? Those cinnamon buns are sugar crack.

Wednesday: My friends baby shower - lasagna, shrimp fried rice, fried dough balls, coleslaw, some stew type dish that was spicy, I refrained from the banana pudding and the cake. (oh, my lopsided diaper cake was a hit! My friend CW called it a leaning tower of poppers. I am not speaking to her for the rest of the week!)

Wednesday: Date night: Cup of crab soup and a massive amount of french fries smothered in cheese and bacon with sour cream on the side.

Did I mention the Taco Bell last night?

I have fallen off the wagon.

I will get back on.

I had a salad for lunch today.

I will keep on. My belly dancing DVD from Netflix has arrived. I never realized how many exercise DVD's they have in the catalog. I could realistically get a new one once a week and never get bored with them. Better than adding a gym membership right now.

I want to go to the gym. I was 'advised' by one of my super-fit co-workers that paying for the membership would motivate me. I doubt it.

I think I need to have the motivation to go everyday before I put money on it. That way I can be sure I won't be wasting money. If I go once workout once a week that is wasteful. To get my full money's worth I feel that I need to go at least four days or more a week.

Shouldn't I want to work out on the regular, first? Does this theory make since?


  1. Paying for a membership will certainly not motivate you

    Why don't you start slow, like with finances, and just take a small step at a time?

    Start watching what you eat in terms of fatty or fried things if that's where your problem is. And just slowly cut back until you are comfortable that you are eating healthier

    You are def. going to see results..

    And this is trite and probably horribly cliche, but you have to find that trigger that makes you eat.

    Me, it's boredom. Cookies are my crack. Boredom and wanting to just TASTE something.

    After you're done with your food organization, move on to the gym for 2 hours a week, in half hour increments for 4 days a week

    Or, do what I do.. just start cycling around the neighbourhood for an hour (it goes by surprisingly fast) or walking.

    One day at a time, as your profile says.. :)

    Personally, I make what I eat tastier.. in the sense that I just bought ground turkey for $3 instead of $6, and made a quick casserole out of it with some eggs and seasonings mixed in. Baked it in the oven with a bit of oil, made some rice and veggies on the side. Delicious AND cheap. I don't even have an urge to eat.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I knew going to the gym because it is the right thing to do was a bad idea. I just needed backup.