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Saturday, May 30, 2009

De-magnitized Gift Cards

I have mentioned before how we often transfer prescriptions from one pharmacy to another to take advantage of gift card offers.

The unexpected happened to me. A gift card from Rite Aid didn't work for me in the store. It reported having no balance in the store. However, I knew this couldn't be true. Hubby is fanatical about checked the balance on line and writing the new balance on the card with a Sharpie.

We paid for our purchases. When we got home and verified the balance, online we still have the same total written on the card.

I tried at a different Rite Aid nothing. We had finally throwed the card down in dissgust about to give it up for a lost cause.

Then two days ago...'DING' light bulb.

Just order something from RiteAid.com! The card for whatever reason is not working in the stores and it is working online

I have never ordered from a pharmacy's website.

Did you know there is even a clearance section? I'll let you know how it goes.

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