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Friday, May 29, 2009

Guest Post: An Avon lady answers - Why I sell Avon?

As you who read my blog often know, I have been on a crusade to find as many ways to generate multiple income streams as possible. Today's guest post is from my email buddy and good friend, Brandy Payne-Johnson. She is a legal secretary by day, super mom all the time, loving wife and now Avon representative.

In this post, she answers the question ---Why I sell Avon?

I have recently become an Avon representative to help alleviate some of the stresses of modern day life. My son plays football, basketball and runs track. My daughter also runs track and is a cheerleader who participates in at least 6 competitions a year. Aside from my husband’s and my own expensive habits (i.e. PlayStation 3, Starbucks, wine collection, etc.), like many Americans, we have lots of BILLS. As my husband and I began evaluating our finances to prepare to purchase our new home, it didn’t take long for us to realize that a lot of our income was going to bills and the little that was left was going to crap.

We realized that we needed to somehow increase our income and decrease expenses. But how were we going to do that? I was already pulling as much overtime as my firm would allow and my husband was injured in a workplace accident and is unable to work.

I’d heard a suggestion once “use what you have to get what you want”. Now, though the context in which it was meant was not a positive one, the idea is still a viable one. We started to think about our talents and evaluate what services we could offer to earn a little extra cash.

Hair – I have a talent for styling and braiding hair. However, that service would require too much time away from my family, more specifically my daughter. I am careful to take my time styling and/or braiding my daughter’s hair and she takes pride in always being put together and having cool hair styles. If I were to offer it as a service, that time would be taken away from her.

Computer – I have a talent for designing databases. I also type 80 wpm and am pretty handy with Power Point Presentations. However, again that service would require too much of my time and would impose high levels of stress due to deadlines.

Finally, one day I was in a department store with my sister who wanted to find foundation for her face. The sales clerk kept bringing her the wrong shade. I got fed up and told the clerk specifically what type and shade that she needed. I further suggested eye shadows and gloss that would complete her look. She looked great!

As I thought about it, hair and make-up had always been a talent of mine. I remembered I once sold Avon and did very well, as long as I didn’t spend all my profits on items for myself, which I commonly did.

I decided that I would return to selling Avon which would

1. Earn extra income; AND
2. Reduce my expenses.

I purchase make-up, clothing, accessories, etc. anyway but by patronizing my own business, I not only save money but increase my business.

The key though is to not go overboard.

Signing up for Avon is really quick and easy. You can contact any Avon Representative (preferably me, LOL) who can get you signed up, explain the business to you and even help you along once you get signed up. There are even monthly sales meetings to help you along until you get the hang of it.

Marketing your Avon business in today's technological climate is a breeze. You can create your own Avon website which can be added to your Myspace.com, Facebook.com, etc. accounts. Further, Avon products are very popular and they pretty much sell themselves. You just need to let your family and friends know that you are a representative.

My goals are to sell enough Avon to be able to cover the cost of all my kids’ extracurricular activities so that I can take that burden off our household account. Your goals may be to supplement your income, buy a car or buy a house. Either way, you can do it with Avon. How big or small your Avon business is, is totally and 100% based on the effort you are willing to put in to it.

If you are interested in becoming a representative, would like more information or to place an order, please visit my website.

You’re going to purchase the products anyway, I’d just prefer you purchase them from me instead of from Target, Macy’s, Walmart, etc.

Brandy Payne-Johnson,
Your New Avon Lady

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