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Saturday, May 23, 2009

My week that passed

My week that passed was eventful stressful, disorderly and more.


First, work has become so hectic now that Old Boss has left and New Boss is being hands off.

I have to send her email updates on everything I do. Old Boss was more of a talker, so I could pop by her cubicle and give her the thirty second update.

New boss is managing three teams of people not including myself and co-worker. She is an emailer, or I should say that is her preferred method of communication. She wants all updates via email, no matter how big or small. However, the problem is that she gets an average of 700 emails a day. I don't mind sending updates but you can't get a quick 30 second yes, no, maybe so to an inquiry when she has to wade through that many emails.

I am effectively doing twice the work that I was doing before, and I have more stringent timelines.

Other worries, our federal project officer is changing from a more laid back women to a hyper man. He likes things yesterday. Which isn't so bad but will be even more.

My Business:

I would like to say that my secondary source of income is going swimmingly but it isn't. I have no clients. I need clients. I am planning on joining the professional organization. I have found some great ideas for marketing myself on their website. (I wonder if I should add this to my resume once I am official.)

I ordered a book from Amazon for a little over a dollar. I found a great article on finding your first five clients which is great because I seemed to have tapped out at three.

I am planning to design flyer's to circulate to businesses and on university campuses.

I am unsure if I will launch a website. I would like to but I think I need a more steady income before I make such capitol outlay.

I need a business name. Currently, I marketing myself under my name but I want something that is a little more solid.


No weight loss to report. No weight gain to report. Current weight 305.

My daughter had surgery on Thursday. I took off Thursday and Friday to be with her. Work started piling up as soon as I left on Wednesday. I have remoted in to my work computer to try and reduce what I have to go back too.

I had fallen off in my couponing. I am missing the hot deals, the cool codes and not to be missed sales. I feel like such a slacker a wastrel. I will get back on the wagon again.


Because of my daughter's surgery I missed my blogoversary. I know a couple of bloggers who make great money from advertisers, and people clicking their ads, and sponsorships. I don't make money. I wish I did but I don't.

I have been asked why I put so much time and effort into blogging when:

1. I don't have a great following.
2. I don't make any money doing it.
3. It is time consuming.
4. I am trying to start a home based business.
5. My children need more attention.

It is a release for me. I have a circle of nine friends I tell almost everything to but sometimes I can't talk to them about them. I need a neutral party to 'hear' my rants.

But I am reevaluating what I am blogging for. Maybe it is time for me to retire the blog.