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Monday, May 25, 2009

Nine ways you are robbing your employer

I was talking with a co-worker last week. She and I arrive around the same time everyday. I never knew that her start time was 8:30. Mine is 8 am.

Why is this such a big deal?

Because she arrives before 7:30 in the morning. She will come into work and clock in.

She may be working but I'm pretty sure that no one is approved for a 40+ work week.

1. Arriving way too early and clocking in; you are robbing the company and the rest of your co-workers as well.

2. Arriving late consistently. Others are forced to cover for you, and it is annoying to everyone. No one may say anything to you but everyone notices and they don't like it.

3. Heating your lunch up, then clocking out. In effect you have lengthened your lunch hour by five to ten minutes taking away from your production time.

4. Staying late for no reason. When I was a waitress we called this 'riding the clock'. If you have no work or you are not being productive - go home!

5. Delaying projects.

6. Attending to personal things during work.

7. IM'ing non business related people.

8. Taking multiple coffee/smoke breaks.

9. Spending your lunch hour on errands then eating at your desk when you return.

I can't say that I am guilty of all of these but a couple for sure.

Can you think of any other ways that you can rob your employer?

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  1. I've done a couple of those things when I was working for a corporation but NEVER, EVER when I am my own company, billing every minute.

    To be fair, I still got my work done on time for the project and I worked late hours without billing when I needed to when I was with the corporation... I think it evened out, if not, ended up better for the company in the end