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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She fell in love; I nipped it in the bud! I think.

My young co-worker fell in love.

With a puppy. Half Bichon, half poodle --- all cute.

She asked me if I had a dog. I explained my daughter is deathly afraid of dogs.

She went on talking about how she saw the dog online and she could get it this weekend.

Then she said she asked a couple of friends how much they spent a month on their dogs a month.

The answer she came up with: $50 a month.

It has been many years since I have had a dog but I know my dog(s) would have eaten that in food.

I was willing to let her go with that $50 figure but she rambled on saying "My apartment complex doesn't allow dogs, but my two friends who live there have dogs. So that is a rule I am willing to break."

"Where are you going to live if you get discovered with a dog? Do you have money to move when you get kicked out?

Besides, they have older dogs you will have a puppy who most likely won't be quiet.

You don't have anything for a dog.

No bed, no bowl, no kennel, no leash, no puppy pads because it won't be house broken. You don't have a newspaper subscription to use instead of puppy pads.

Heart worm medication, flea and tick collars, vet bills, plus the puppy will need shots. I told her that vets have to be paid; she can't put the puppy on the health insurance.

That is way more than $50 a month. Plus you still have to BUY the dog!"

I told her to start putting away fifty a month toward upkeep and another fifty away toward the purchase of a similar dog. She was going to use a credit card.

She told me she just saw the dog and wanted it. She didn't think about the other costs. (I could tell because the more things I named the longer her face got.)

I hope she follows my advice. I will know Monday if there are puppy pictures all over her desk.

Why does no one want to save for anything? Why do people see and want then? Is everyone a four year inside?

Was I wrong to discourage her in getting this dog? Either way, I gave her plenty to think about.


  1. Not wrong at all.

    People think that pets (and babies) are just fun and games all the time, and they don't realize there's a lot of work and money that goes into owning a pet.

    For me, I'm deathly allergic to pets so I can't even think about having one..

    Dogs are just a lot of maintenance, def. food, toys, collars, medication, training.. and then she may get kicked out for having a pet?

    She hasn't thought it through.

  2. I think you did the right thing. The initial cost of the pet can be minimal, but the extras add up. I know, I have several pets and one of them is on a special diet that costs me $45 alone per month is special food. My yearly visit to the vet is about $145 per dog, excluding any special medications they might need.

    Pets are great, but they are an investment in time, money and are a commitment.