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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sign of the times?

I have been noticing more of these signs everywhere. Hubbster tells me that I haven't been paying attention. Our closest grocery store just put them up on the in and out doors of the store.

Have you noticed more of these signs?

I went looking for crime stats to see if shop lifting was up. I found a couple of local articles:

One industry still booming: Shoplifting

The "five-finger discount" has a hold on the nation.
Pizzas, art supplies, baby formula, diabetic test strips, fancy lingerie, perennial plants ripped from the ground - just about anything is up for grabs in a sour economy as more Americans resort to shoplifting. Some filchers have gone pro - snatching the goods in organized raids and later unloading their wares at innocent swap meets or flea markets.

Shoplifting Crimes Spike

As national economy declines, rising number of retailers suffer five-finger discount. WITH EACH NEW day bringing more evidence of the nation’s troubled economy, crime data collected by the Arlington County Police Department show a dramatic rise in shoplifting crimes. The spike is particularly evident over the last year, with 466 shoplifting crimes in 2007 compared to 730 in 2008. Arlington police say anecdotal evidence suggests that the crime spree shows no sign of abating as the national recession continues to deepen. “You can’t argue with the data,” said Arlington Police Corporal Albert Kim. “We’ve seen shoplifting crimes go up almost 100 percent over the last year.” Arlington police officials say incidents of shoplifting have happened all over the county, yet many of the crimes seem to be located at Ballston Common Mall and Pentagon City Mall.

Then I remembered this Security Camera Captures Store Robbery

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