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Monday, May 25, 2009

Special Memorial Day: I have discovered the power of

Hulu! I know TV Thursday on Memorial Day but I could not wait to tell you about my new obsession.

I am in love with Hulu. I have watched complete seasons of The Dresden Files, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares,House and more.

The kids and I have watched the pilot for Glee more times than I care to admit.

Next for me and Hulu (my new love) all the episodes of Biography including: Lizzie Borden: Meek or Murderess?

Have you discovered the power of Hulu? What have you watched?

What do you wish they had more of? For me, I am wishing there were a bit more older programs but catching up on the new or ones that I rarely get to see works for me.

I am so glad I started watching. I hate Memorial Day television, there is never anything worthwhile on during the short holidays. I find myself drawn to HSN and Joy Mangano coveting Huggable Hangers and drop purses.

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