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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whip It Up Wednesday: Fast Food from the Grocery

You know how it is late?
You don't want to cook?
Just thinking of standing over the stove makes you groan...
Nothing at home is ready to be cooked? Or worse you don't want anything in the house...
The kids are hungry and annoying and want dinner.
You are hungry and annoyed and want dinner.
Quickest solution? The nearest drive in. Right?
Wrong! The quickest solution lies in the nearest grocery store. Head down the frozen food aisle and let the kids pick a frozen dinner.
I know what you are about to say - the calories, the preservatives, the cardboard; the horror! But aren't you feeding the kids the same caloric intake if not more, and preservatives all wrapped up in wax paper.
What is the difference?
First, price. Even if you order the smallest family meal at the cheapest fast food joint the cost will be at least $20 something dollars. There are always frozen meals on sale for $1 or a little more if combined with coupons and sales. Even at two or three dollars a dinner you are saving money.
Second, everybody gets their choice of meals. The variety of meals available is unlimited or more specifically limited to the ordering of the grocery store buyer.

Third, no forced add ons like fries and drinks. The dreaded kids meal toy that ends up on the floor for me(you) to step on is out as well.
Fourth, you can pick up several meals for the next occasion where the evening meal blahs hit again.
Five, easy clean up! Pick up a box of Popsicles or ice cream sandwiches for dessert or be a little more upscale and get a Mrs. Smith or Edwards' Pie.
A couple of years ago, the kids and I used to do this a lot. When I didn't get off work until eight pm. I didn't pick the kids up until 8:30. I hated having to cook especially that late at night. One week I got off late everyday and spent $75 on take out and fast food.
I was feed up. I went grocery shopping for meals I could prepare in the crock pot. I stumbled down the frozen foods aisle with the kids in tow.
That is when the squeals and begging began for Kid Cuisine and Hungry Man meals. Both were on sale for $2. Which was cheaper than a kids meals and the cheapest value meals at the three closest fast food places. I was instantly converted.

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