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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Work gets harder or a general rant

Someone please let me know when my life got triply harder.

Was it when Old Boss left unexpectedly?

Was it when New Boss determined I could handle the things she didn't want?

Was it when upper management decided they weren't going to replace Old Boss until after the contract was renewed, maybe not until next year (at the earliest)?

I'm sure of the exact tipping point but I am now drowning in work. I do a To-Do list every morning for work. It never gets shorter. Before, I could track my progress. Twelve items on Tuesday, eight items on Wednesday, five on Thursday.

Now, sixteen items on Monday, twenty-two on Tuesday, thirty on Wedensday. The thing is I am getting things done. It is not like I am not accomplishing tasks and completing them. I AM.

I just keep getting more. I got emailed a draft report of a site visit to check for content and verify accuracy of the event details.


I DIDN'T go on the trip!

It was a trip I wanted to go on. It was to the La Push, Washington area. I haven't read the Twilight series but I would have still loved to have gone to the West Coast. Stayed in Seattle, drove through the huge forest. Who went on the trip? Old Boss.

Do I see work getting better?


In fact, I see my work load steadily increasing. I am going to start carrying my work to do list with me so that I can take quick notes.

Why am I ranting?

We had a meeting Wednesday with production staff and upper management. I went to the meeting because it was billed as a learning opportunity.

It wasn't.

New Boss said I was the spokesperson and let me handle the whole thing. Was I prepared? I was out for three days of work!

Lucky me, I retain a lot of information otherwise I would be looking like Booboo the Fool in front of all these people.

Thanks for listening.

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