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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gym, Motivation And Me

I loathe getting up early.

I loathe sweating.

I loathe changing the way I eat. I love food and I have no sense of portion control which is how I got to my current weight of 298 pounds. I can't believe I broke the 300 barrier.

I especially loathe the treadmill.

What I need is a healthy dose of motivation.

Motivation is not what I need the first day or even the first week (although I had to hold myself accountable this morning) to go to the gym.

Motivation is what I need the second week, when my muscles are groaning in protest or when the pillow seems like the best invention ever.

I have gotten up to work out and sat on the edge of the bed. And sat there and sat there.

I just finished my treadmill journey this morning. 37 minutes and 1 and a half miles.

I listened to these eleven songs this morning to get through it:

1. LL Cool J's Mama Said Knock You Out
2. Pink's Fingers
3. Trina's No Panties(feat. Tweet & Missy
4. Louchie Lou & Michie One - Rich Girl (Original)
5. Bone Thugs N Harmony's First of the Month
6. Damian "Jr Gong" Marley & Bobby Brown's Beautiful (I left out of the gym singing this one.)
7. Prince - Thieves In The Temple
8. Dixie Chicks' Sin Wagon
9. Kimberely Locke's Band of Gold
10. Warren G's Regulators
11. Angie Stone's Sometimes

What is helping me get up this morning? Believe or not I hate to lose. I am way too competitive and I refuse to be the last blogger standing in the PF Bloggers Weight Loss Challenge.

The first updates have posted:

Zeta Team (-15)
Gamma Team (-9)
Alpha Team (-6)
Epsilon Team (-6)
Beta Team (-5.5)
Delta Team (-3)

As you can see I am on the last place team. I have enough weight to lose that I can try to win the whole thing by myself, if necessary.

I'm hoping Zeta's team weight loss is like Week One of the Biggest Loser all water weight.

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