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Friday, June 5, 2009

Student Loans Part Neverending

Okay, my first attempt at graduate school was a bust it was directly before/during/after Hurricane Katrina.

I was in Little Damn Rock, AR (the place were time has stopped and starting going back wards). I was unhappy. I was underemployed selling men's clothing and working in a call center and sometimes cocktail waitress at the Bada-Bing nightclub. (I shit you not). Yeah, three jobs and I still needed food stamps and got evicted from my apartment.

I hated everything in Arkansas, which is why I tell people I don't even want to FLY over the state again.

Well, the loans I took out for that semester of graduate school will come out of forbearance on June 17.

Remember, how I cut my budget back to pay $300 a month on the huge tax bill I received. Well it looks like that $300 will be going toward the graduate student loan.

The loan amount in total is $6,200. I want to pay this one off before I attempt graduate school again.

My fear is this loan hanging out there will corrupt my graduate school experience somehow. Does this make sense? To anyone besides me? (Maybe I just watched too much of My Name Is Earl on Hulu and the Karma bug took a bite out of me too.)

I don't want the bad experiences I had in Arkansas to taint my future experiences.

I want to have this loan DONE with as soon as possible.

This loan coming due has just reminded me how badly I wanted to go to graduate school. The terms weren't as favorable as a federal loan. (It is not a private loan it is one from a state lender.) I have always wanted my Masters and possibly my doctorate.

I have allowed life to keep getting in the way of me achieving my dream.

Well NO MORE of that. I will get my Masters! I keep talking but not doing.

Are you thinking about going back to school? Have you let obstacles stand in the way of your dream? How have you overcome them?

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