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Friday, July 31, 2009

My quest for a Federal Job!

I live in the DC metro area and it is my new mission to become a federal employee. Every day I receive an alert from USA Jobs. Every day, I look at a couple. I apply randomly.

My new mission has motivated me to apply for at least one everyday.

Why do I want to become a federal employee so badly?

Employment Security, my current company is having cash flow issues. My extension is very close to that of one of the accounting people. I have listened to some very angry voice mails with people threatening repossession and lawsuits. Late payments for some businesses are the modus operandi, but I don't want to fear for my desk chair.

Benefits, all the federal holidays plus a very loose leave schedule with the ability to donate and receive leave from other federal employees. Health care and more!

I know lots of people think federal employees are lax, do-nothing employees but most the ones I have been exposed to and worked with are hard working, highly intelligent and diligent. I hold two that I correspond with almost daily in high regard.

Those are only a few of my reasons, I'll share more later.

Everyday I will post the job that I am applying for and we will see exactly how long it will take me to become a federal employee.

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  1. I'm really hoping that you find the best job for you. If it's really your dream and that you know that it will really help you then go for it and don't mind other people's impression on federal employees. As long as you know that you can do the job, just go for it. Good luck. Thank you for sharing this post.