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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whip It Up Wednesday: Eating on the Road

I have traveled three weeks out of the last six weeks for work and another week for personal reasons. Literally, I am tired of eating food that I have to order. The rest of this week I will be on the road again.

I know how could I say that I'm tired of eating out? Several reasons come to mind but this feeling can be summed up in one word - service as well as the things that revolve around service especially for food: undercooked to overcooked to lack of selection to too much selection. Eating out so much can be exhausting.

I am literally tired of walking in to be greeted by 'fake' jovial-ness. You can tell they are not in the least happy to see you and your party. The act of getting you from the door to the table is a horribly orchestrated dance of not seating me in a section that will make me happy but apparently sitting me in the section with the waiter/server who is either new/in the weeds/incompetent (I waited tables for a good portion of my 20's there is a difference).

Then waiting an infinite amount of time before someone realizes that you are there. You know the speech as well as I do "Hi, welcome to BurgerBarn/World/Steakhouse/Frathouse/FreeRange/Fried Chicken/Saturday's/Chillin & Illin/Club Beeftactular. I am Tracy/Racy/Lacy/Macy. Are you ready to order?"

Then the most disturbing thing is the menu no matter the state or region, the type of restaurants, the menu is the same. The 'famous burger', the cheese crusted fish, the extra large pasta dish, the seafood combo, the classic Americana meal of old fashioned favorites either meat loaf or pot roast or chicken fried steak, macaroni and cheese, etc.

I am really starting to believe that the world has to have run out of food choices.


  1. This is why BF and I don't go out to eat. :)

    And people think we're crazy, or think we're being cheap when we cook in our hotel rooms instead of buying food in the city.

    Every restaurant has the exact same menu.

    Nothing is different unless you go to really ethnic restaurants and even that -- Chinese food when you eat out, is sometimes inedible because they go so cheap on the ingredients.

  2. I would love for places to have more local dishes but everything but whether chain or mom and pop the menus are almost identical.

    I love food I will eat just about anything but I don't want the same thing all the time.