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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Reading for My Daughter and Questions about Me

The kids have done well with their books from the first shipment. I mentioned the books I bought them here and here.

It is time for a new shipment. They have read the books I sent and went back to their busy fun filled summer schedule of eating, sleeping, bike riding, skateboarding and sports.

Great! Not really, I am officially torn about what to get for the kids.

One of my girlfriends who happens to be white said that I shouldn't just get my daughter books with African-American lead characters.

I did realize something when she said or I should say emailed that to me. I do focus on building my daughter's confidence by giving her books with mainly African-American characters. She has almost the entire Amazing Grace series by Mary Hoffman.

One of my daughter's teachers saw this book on Reading Rainbow and thought it would be perfect my little drama girl. I love this series. It has grown with her from picture book to chapter book.

I think children should be exposed to characters of their own race. I think it is good for self esteem and growth. However, I attended a Historically Black College & University (HBCU) for a year. I felt this experience limited me. Am I doing the same thing to my daughter by only exposing her to African American girl leads?

We have in the last year discovered Willimena Rules! series by Valerie Wilson Wesley. Ms. Wesley also writes a series I follow, the Tamara Hayle mysteries.

So I need a little help. Please readers recommend some books for me appropriate for a girl aged 7, almost 8.

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