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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whip It Up Wednesday: Breakfast on the go

I admit it and my husband will verify I am the snooze button queen. I have the alarm set for 5:00 am and every morning I have the best intentions of getting up.

This rarely happens I always have the illusion that 'just fifteen more minutes' will somehow make me invincible. So I rarely have breakfast at home. For a while I was stopping every morning for something banana or yogurt. Even stopping in the grocery was getting tedious not to mention expensive.

My solution. I am keeping a box of cereal in my desk. Other co-workers have packets of instant oatmeal. This would never work for me I LOATHE oatmeal.

I keep a protein bar in my bag at all times.

I used to when I was a not employed, bake muffins at night and store them in empty Pringles cans. I learned this from my frugal hero, Amy Dacyczyn.

What are ways you get breakfast in on busy mornings?

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