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Monday, September 21, 2009

Employment Monday: Federal Access

On Friday, September 18th, I listened to the Fed Access radio show on the Federal News Radio. The show is a regular feature on Fridays at Noon Eastern on Federal New Radio and hosted by Derrick Dortch.

The premise of the show is listed as 'From how to win government jobs and contracts, to effectively managing your government career, to learning about interesting federal agencies, workers and jobs, to best utilizing government services, Derrick T. Dortch explores the world of the federal government and provides you the access you need to succeed.'

On Friday's show, D. Keith Bryars, Special Agent in Charge of Administration for the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Washington Field Office (WFO) was the guest. Mr. Bryars said one key thing that got my attention.

The FBI is hiring!

To listen to a podcast of the show go here.

Other podcasts topics avaailable include:

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