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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Bill I wasn't going to pay

We started getting a bill from LCA Collections, a division of Lab Corp of America for blood work Hubby had done in May. The bill came in both mine and Hubby's name. The bill is for $90.

The blood work was ordered by our doctor and is covered by our insurance.

I called Lab Corp of America directly to ask them to re-submit the paperwork to our insurance. They flatly refused. They only wanted to talk to me if I was paying. I won't say the rep I spoke with was rude but hostile does come to mind.

After my initial call, they even resent a letter to me saying "Your insurance company has processed your claim. You are responsible for services rendered."

The thing is Hubby has had blood work done since May and it was fully covered. We haven't switched insurance nor had a lapse.

So I called our insurance company. Apparently it was never submitted to them, I gave them the information requested: date of service and the name of the doctor who requested the test and office location.

My insurance company says it will be reviewed and I will receive a decision in a month.

Have you ever received a bill for services that should be covered by your insurance? How did you handle it? Leave your story in the comments.

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