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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Hardships of a Large Breasted Woman

A few ladies (six) and I were shooting the shit at work one afternoon when another big busted girl E. started teasing me. She was letting me have it about how large my breasts are in comparison to hers. First, E is no small fry, she is carrying around a pair of 40 DDD.

M. (who has a behind but B cup breasts) asked if I would donate. She said she has always wanted big ones.

Both E., A. and I say 'NO, you don't!'

M. (who admits there are no large breasted women in her family) asks why not? Here are our answers and a few more:

1. Nothing fits properly. Either clothes too tight or too loose, there is never a happy medium. I constantly have to buy a size too big or face the indignity of too tight clothing.

2. Almost all clothes become low cut. Indecent exposure has happened to me. Button front shirts gap open, v neck shirts begin to stretch and dip; there are many other instances of clothes gone awry but these are enough.

3. Purchasing bras are a nightmare. This gets worse as you get into the larger cup sizes. I'm a 44G. Yes, I know. I can't go in a regular store and get a bra. There are specialty stores that sell nothing but undergarments but an individual bra price is astronomical. I normally wait for the Lane Bryant sale 'Buy 2, Get 3 free' or is it the other around(?) to stock up. LB's bras are of decent quality but they have closure problems after a couple months of wear.

4. Back pain. Enough said. Okay I will say a little more. My breasts are 40+ pounds. Imagine carrying around a kindergärtner around all day, every day on the front of your body.

5. Neck pain. Reference #4.

6. Chaffing. I have chaffing along the sides of my body and the inside of my arms from wearing bras.

7. Socially inept and immature men (some women) ogle. I have had whole conversations with people when they talk to my chest and I speak to their face. This does nothing to increase my opinion of these people.

8. Indentions from bra straps. These are sometimes called grooves but are really dark scars caused by bras.

9. Gravity. Because of the weight, large breast tend to sag sooner.

10. Attention from people who are curious and unwanted advances. The curious people can be deterred with a stern manner. Those who are intent on making advances whether or not I am receptive of those advances are the real problem.

Other problems large breasts can cause are :

balance problems,
breathing problems,
sleep problems,
posture problems - skeletal deformities,
stretch marks,
rashes - especially heat rashes,
some women claim that their large breasts also cause their migraines.

I myself don't run, rarely jog or get above a trot when walking.

I once stabbed myself with my bra. The underwire snapped one day and begin poking through the seam directly into my ribcage. I had to go to the ladies room to dig the underwire out. I had a cut and was bleeding.

Are any of you large breasted women? Do you suffer from any of the above? Do you have any bra gone awry stories. Leave a comment and share.


  1. This is exactly why I am very, very, happy with my small breasts :)

    Even with them, some tops don't fit :\ My ribcage is a tad larger than most...

  2. Amen! I'm an E and it's not comfortable. I miss being a D cup, big time. Don't know how much each breast weighs but it's definitely not comfortable. And the fashion thing is annoying. Plus the fact that I've gotten crap before for not wearing "appropriate" clothing that would have been appropriate on anyone else but me. Sigh. I, too, have had underwire bra poke the hell out of me.

    And bras are expensive! Those special sizes rarely go on good sales. You're always lucky to have them get under $30. (I do love the sites Bare Necessities and Fig Leaves, which have lots of DD+ and a decent chunk are under $40.)

  3. Hi, I'm an F. Ha, I would laugh at a bra for $40. Please take a plane trip to an Intimacy store nearest you. My clothes fit better and the support is great. Just go to them and get fitted, let them fit you with a good brand and size then go to the web for better prices. I go to herroom.com. Fantasie is my brand for life!! I've sent about 8 people to Intimacy and they all thanked me profusely.

  4. Thanks for the advice ladies, cause frankly I am tired of Lane Bryant bras! I looked up Intimacy, the closet to me is the New York City store.

    I have also looked into Bare Necessities and Fig Leaves. I will post links to all the sites for the other readers.