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Monday, October 5, 2009

Repost: Really Easy Halloween Costumes and cheap too!

This is a repost from July but it is getting closer to Halloween and I thought it would be useful.

Personal confession time.

I love Halloween! It is my favorite holiday. What other holiday rewards creativity and gives you an opportunity for free candy?

Unfortunately, like most holidays Halloween can become really pricey really quick.

I know Halloween is months away, 90+ days by my quick count. This is good though, it gives you a chance to plan, stock up on supplies and best of all save yourself from running around last minute.

My personal favorite Halloween costumes have been for my kids.

Two years ago, my son went as the DHL man. Our old babysitters husband was a DHL man who gained a few pounds, she gave my son his old logoed DHL shirt and a hat. For the costume we combined the shirt with a pair of black shorts. I asked the DHL man who serviced my office for an empty box. We hole punched the sides inserted string - instant candy box. Cost of this costume to me: $0.00.

My daughter was Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, one of her favorite movies, TV shows, etc. I couldn't find a pint sized mumu. So we did Lilo as a hula dancer. I had her put on her swimsuit. We then took the belt and belted low on her hips. I ripped crepe paper and draped it into the belt till it fell past her knees. One leis went around her neck. The second was cut into fours to make wristlets and anklelets. One went around her waist to disguise the belt and crepe paper seams. The last leis was used headband style around her head. Cost of this costume to me: Swimsuit - check. Belt - check. 4 Flower leis from the Dollar Tree - $4. Roll of green crepe paper from Dollar Tree - $1.
Weren't those great costumes? And cheap?
So here are my really easy and cheap Halloween Costumes
My first costume solution...Borrow a uniform! It can be as simple as McDonald's or Jiffy Lube, or a local place. Everyone will recognize the logo.
-Waiter. White shirt and black pants. Add an apron and a note pad for 'taking orders'. To really jazz this one up print a menu up of the night's special for them to carry around. To take it to the next level, make a waiters tray glue a couple of drinking glass on to the tray. Fill the glasses with Jello to give the illusion that drinks are being served. Other alternatives are to roll a couple pieces of silverware and have them sticking out of the apron's pocket.
- Special Agent with the FBI or Secret Service. Build on the waiter costume by adding a black jacket, black leather-like wallet for the badge, and a pair of super cool shades. Jazzing this one up is easy as well by adding the 'ear piece' and a wrist communicator.
-Athlete. Have a kid who plays a sport? Football, basketball, soccer, cheer leading, tae kwon do, and on and on. Let them wear that uniform that you paid a lot of money to own or rent/lease for the season.
-Stuffed Animal. You know those huge stuffed animals you win at a carnival or fair. Tired of them laying around the house? Cannibalize it. Take out the stuffing, poke holes and let them wear the outer shell.
- TV Characters. These are super easy. Pick a character and emulate their trademark. Steve Urkel with the suspenders, big framed glasses and high waisted pants. Rerun from 'What's Happening?' with the beret. Mr. T with the multiple gold chains.
- Old School Wrestler. Colored pantyhose or tights, briefs and bare chest. A Cape, mask or prop personalizes this costume.
What are your really cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas?
What was your favorite Halloween costume? Share your ideas because I need a Halloween costume.

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