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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tackling the Clutter or The Great Scan Project

So begins the Great Scan Project.


I have reached a point were I cannot take the clutter anymore. No matter how organized I want to be the amount of things that continue to come in the house are greatly outweighing the amount of things that I get rid off.

I have decided to make full use of our scanner recently. I am scanning paper bills. I am also scanning forms from the insurance company that show our portion to be paid. Basically all the mail that we need to keep a copy off.

I am unsure why there are so many arts and crafts in the younger grades.

I know that they are helping children unlock their creative potential, giving them a chance to develop hand-eye coordination and more.

But why does there have to be so many?

I have also decided to scan in those 'good' grade papers, as well as arts and crafts projects.

We have the cheap bulletin board - a piece of drywall nailed to a wall that is for display purposes.

It makes no sense to keep them. I am having one problem trying to determine what to do with the over sized items.

How do you tackle the clutter? Have you scanned in documents to eliminate clutter? Leave me your best clutter reducing tips.

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  1. MDT and I are moving to Costa Rica (on Thursday!), so we've been scanning all our important documents. It's a long process. We've scanned medical records, vet records for our cats, bank and investment stuff, and of course our passports, licenses, etc. We've also moved our address and telephone books completely online, so we don't have to bring those with. With airline baggage fees like they are these days, we can afford to bring very little with us. It's definitely an exercise in need vs. want.