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Monday, October 26, 2009

Updates on the Spendthrift (that's me)

First and foremost, Hey!

Okay, I have missed blogging but life is complicated.


My boss put in her notice while I was attending a conference in Albuquerque. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know this story already. I see a pattern - every time I go to Albuquerque I lose a Boss. Seriously, I went back to check the dates.

I know, WTF?

So, I get back to DC with no idea who my boss is or what is going on at work. I am literally tired of going in the office. Too much drama at work does not make a happy Spendthrift.

My new boss is drumroll please, the Patron drink orderer. Life gets more confusing by the day.

I have stepped up my job search process.


I have found so many great blogs that I really need to update my blog roll. I also need to take away a couple that I no longer read. Here is one blog that I recommend to everyone. It's Hip 2 Save. Sign up for the email alert and enjoy all the savings.

My small business

My favorite client A., has returned with a butt load of work for me. I actually should be elbow deep in her work right now.

I have passed out all of the original 25 business cards that I printed. I ran off a fresh batch hopefully someone(s) will call me with an in depth assignment. Heck just any assignment or project will do.

I've also helped a couple of friends with essays and resumes that I didn't charge for but they are friends.


The Hubbster is fine. The kids are equally fine. I am sleeping too much. I think I have SAD. My migraines and susceptibility to winter colds/flu/bronchial infections has risen its ugly head.

I was months behind (or so it felt to me) on my coupon clipping. I am almost caught up! Yeah me.

90 Days of Dresses and my wardrobe

This experiment broke down in Week Four when it started getting very dark in the morning. Reference the link to SAD. Then I needed to help move a couple hundred boxes at work one day and it went downhill from there.

Once I invest in some heavy duty tights and leggings, I will begin again.

I am having trouble finding the perfect pair of low heeled riding boots. I have narrowed it down to a couple of choices.

Here is Choice #1. The thing about this one is price.

Here is Choice #2. The main thing here is that I am unsure if the shaft will be tall enough or wide enough for my calves.

Let me know which one is your pick in the comments section.


I have decided that I am limiting my personal spending to $35 dollars a week. This does not include bills. It does include lunch, breakfast and other spending. I think this is a good starting point for my grown up allowance.


I have started perusing the Internet looking for the perfect gifts for the kids. There are a few I have my I on but I am unsure whether I want to do one really expensive present or a bunch of small items. My kids are getting older so I feel that they can understand the difference between quantity and quality. What do you think? Is there a magical age were kids understand the difference?

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